Peter Lynn Aviator bar


De Peter Lynn Aviator bar is speciaal ontwikkeld voor de Peter Lynn Aero. De Aviator bar kent 2 formaten en wordt compleet met lijnen geleverd. Daarbij heb je de keuze uit 4 verschillende lengten, elk met een set van 3 meter extensions.

Aviator maten:

Medium M1 53cm, 15+3m
Medium M2 53cm, 17+3m
Medium M3 53cm, 19+3m
Medium M4 53cm, 21+3m

Large L1 63cm, 15+3m
Large L2 63cm, 17+3m
Large L3 63cm, 19+3m
Large L4 63cm, 21+3m

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Specifically designed to be used in combination with the Aero the Aviator bar sports some ‘race specific’ features to allow you to maximize the kite’s output.

It is equipped with a double pulley trim system which is operated by a trim rope, this allows for minute, on the fly power adjustments to help you stay ahead of the pack.

Since these kites are often used for snowkite racing, some specific material choices were made such as the 1800kg Amsteel depower line instead of the standard PU coated line, a lock in pin with a ‘bend point’ and a softer yet tougher PU loop in a highly visible colour.

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Medium M1 53cm, 15+3m, Medium M2 53cm, 17+3m, Medium M3 53cm, 19+3m, Medium M4 53cm, 21+3m, Large L1 63cm, 15+3m, Large L2 63cm, 17+3m, Large L3 63cm, 19+3m, Large L4 63cm, 21+3m